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Why malaria?

Malaria is highly preventable and the techniques are cost-efficient. A malaria net has a low price point (approximately $5.00) and yet millions world-wide are without them. Although malaria is virtually non-existent in the continental United States and in Europe, it continues to be one of the biggest disease killers in the world. It is estimated that between 1 and 3 million people die from malaria each year, 90% of those deaths occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa. One out of every 20 African children dies of malaria before the age of 5, a demographic that also accounts for 70% of all malaria deaths—that's equivalent to one child dying from malaria every 30 seconds, or 7 jumbo jets full of children dying each day. Malaria carrying mosquito's only bite at night, so having a net to sleep under drastically decreases malaria rates. Insecticide-treated mosquito nets, or ITNs, are one of the most effective methods for the prevention of malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. For every 1000 ITNs distributed, 5.5 children's lives are saved.

Giving someone a net is not only a chance at life, it's opening up the window to consider having a future.



'Cause It's My Birthday' partnered with Netting Nations, an effective nonprofit that is dedicated to providing malaria nets worldwide and truly "netting an entire nation". They are willing to spend 100% on the nets and distribution and not take money for overhead or administrative costs.


You can learn more about malaria by visiting the CDC website...




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